Hobart Coffee Van Hire

Looking for a coffee van in Blackmans Bay for your next event?

Your mobile coffee van in Blackmans Bay. We are your dedicated source of exceptional coffee and an extra sprinkle of happiness in every cup. Our founder, Vanessa, has made it her mission to bring smiles and the perfect brew to your everyday life.

What We Offer:


Make your special day even more magical with our mobile coffee van. Treat your guests to a gourmet coffee experience, complete with expert baristas who know how to brew the perfect cup.

Private Parties:

From birthday bashes to intimate gatherings, our coffee van adds a touch of sophistication and caffeine to your event.


Planning a corporate event, product launch, or a community get-together? Our mobile coffee van is equipped to keep your attendees refreshed and energized.

Blackmans Bay Sporting Clubs:

Supporters and athletes alike will appreciate the boost our coffee provides. Whether it’s an early morning practice or a weekend game, our coffee van is the perfect companion to keep spirits high.

School Fêtes:

Create an atmosphere of fun and indulgence at your school’s fête in Blackmans Bay. Our mobile coffee van offers a range of child-friendly options so parents and visitors can enjoy a quality brew while exploring the stalls.


Make your charity event even more successful with our coffee van. Participants and volunteers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee to stay energized throughout the day, making your fundraiser a memorable experience.

Amazing Coffee & Snacks to Satisfy

Our Coffee:

We take our coffee seriously. We carefully curate premium beans and ingredients to create the custom ‘Bean and Leaf‘ blend, ensuring that every cup is a masterpiece of flavour. Whether you’re a devoted espresso aficionado, a latte lover, or prefer a creamy cappuccino, we’ve got you covered.

Snacks to Satisfy:

Pair your coffee with a mouthwatering snack. From homemade rocky road and freshly baked muffins to healthy options like Carob and Hare health balls, we have something to tickle everyone’s taste buds to complement your coffee perfectly.

Milks used our Coffee Van in Hobart

Our Specialty Milks:

Specialty milks like oat, almond, and soy come with unique nutritional advantages, making them not just lactose-free but also a smart choice for your well-being.

Treats we sell in our mobile coffee cart hobart

Coffee & Treats

Satisfy your cravings and awaken your senses with our mobile coffee van’s unbeatable combination of caffeine and delectable treats. From freshly brewed coffee to homemade delights, we’re your one-stop destination for a quick pick-me-up or a sweet indulgence.

Coffee Van Rocky Road

Home Made Rocky Road

Treat yourself to a little slice of heaven. Bean and Leaf Homemade Rocky Road is available, and we can’t wait to share this delightful treat with you.

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